Prophet Muhammad (SAW), The Age of Bliss |  Mustafa Erdoğan
Prophet Muhammad (SAW), The Age of Bliss |  Mustafa Erdoğan
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Prophet Muhammad (SAW), The Age of Bliss | Mustafa Erdoğan

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This book is a short summary of Prophet Muhammad's life for the younger readers. It presents major milestones in the life of the Prophet with an easy to understand style in line with the mainstream Islamic tradition. It is also a great bedtime story book for interested families who want to read from the life of the Prophet.

On that day, the idols at the Ka'ba toppled over, falling to the floor. Many kilometers away, in Persia, there rose a terrifying tremor. Fourteen towers of King Chosroes' palace collapsed, and the "holy fire," which had never been extinguished and which his people had worshipped for a thousand years, died. The people of Sawah watched their "holy lake" suddenly go barren. That very night, many shooting stars drew arcs across the heavens. Nobody could make any sense of all this.

The next morning, the sun appeared from behind the mountains: the long-awaited Prophet was born at dawn. Living a life of perfection and changing the course of history, Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, set the best example
for all human beings to come until the Last Day.

Author: Mustafa Erdoğan

# of pages: 130 pages