Divine Oneness (KITĀB AL-TAWḤĪD)


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Title:The Book on Divine Oneness
Authors: Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
ISBN-13  9781908229458
Date of Publications: 12 April 2017
Format: Paperback

Pages: 450


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This book provides unique insights to the exposition, giving new perspectives which meet the requirements of the age. The first volume of this book clarifies certain misconceptions on matters relating to tawĥīd and shirk. It provides a thorough analysis of the difference between veneration and worship.

The doctrine of Divine Oneness (tawḥīd) is the foremost pillar of Islam. When tawḥīd is kindled in the heart of a person, the Islamic view of life is validated. The doctrine of tawḥīd is based on the negation of all false gods and the affirmation of the one true God. This doctrine ensures the existence, development and survival of the Muslim community, and it serves as a vital force within Islamic society. It was nothing but tawḥīd that instilled unity in the Muslim Umma and made them an unstoppable power.
The Muslim community today has lost this inner flame of certainty, and this loss is the cause of their downfall. What we need in this difficult time is to reawaken the doctrine of tawḥīd in the hearts of the Muslims. The negation of false gods and the affirmation of the one true God will transform us into a formidable nation; obedience to His guidance will enable us to counter all the inhumane forces and bring about peace and harmony on earth. This book is an exposition of the doctrine of tawḥīd. It provides a thorough explanation of the doctrine, in a straightforward and accessible manner, connecting the reader to the Qur’ān and hadith.